Engagement Session

Jagoda and Mariusz are a beautiful couple and I am glad that I could make them an engagement photo session. We went to a forest, which is actually a sylvan park in Krakow, to a clearing which I thought was a perfect location for the shoot.


The weather was rather sunny when we started so we mostly worked in the shadow. I used a small flash in a big white brolly and slightly underexposed the ambient to saturate the colors and make the model pop.


This image above may be my favorite photo of the day. I worked on the composition to create geometrical figures (triangles) and make it exciting for the eye to wander through the frame. The red-green-blue triad strengthens the composition.


Jagoda had really pretty shoes so I figured I should also make this image. No flash here but I used the brolly as a reflector for just a bit of fill, and shot wide open. Love this classy look.


Mariusz intends to become a professional powerlifter and keeps training on his pretty fiancee ;-) He is a strong guy but obviously the image had to be shot fast.


Here you can see the effect of a second flash, camera right, used for cross-lighting and giving a subtle glow and definition to the edges. I placed a Honl grid on the flash to prevent light spillage and flaring. The flashes were triggered with a PocketWizard MiniTT1 transmitter and FlexTT5 receivers.

I will be also shooting their wedding. But shooting for others always makes me very nervous. And will they like the images?


Engagement Session

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  1. Carivano

    Your work is excelent.
    Thank you for accepting me.


    Wooow pardzo pienkniee Zdjencia
    Excelent work =))) I love the waay you play with the warm and a touch of vignette in the shoots with this beautiful couple

  3. Tom

    Thank you very much for your kind words! I also like the warmth in these photographs. I balanced my flash with a warm gel and kept the WB setting close to daylight. The gel was Pale Amber Gold from Rosco. It gives beautiful colors to the skin and works well at sunsets.

  4. Barry Paffey

    WOW, I really loved your photos.

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