Dubrovnik, Pearl of the Adriatic

Dubrovnik is the center of the region of Dalmatia in Croatia and a famous touristic destination. The Old City, called the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, is a World Heritage Site.

Stradun street in Dubrovnik

Stradun, the main street of Dubrovnik, polished by millions of feet

I tried to capture what I considered most characteristic for this beautiful city, like this shiny pavement. Often focusing on a detail tells more than trying to show everything at once.

Onofrio's fountain in Dubrovnik

Big Onofrio’s Fountain

Clothes drying in the old city of Dubrovnik

A common sight in the Old City

It was sunny and hot… One should never photograph when the sun is harsh? Na.

A beach with umbrellas in the old city of Dubrovnik

A beach on a rocky coast

Repeating patterns are always great to photograph. The side light helped me bring the texture out from the umbrellas and from the sea. Everything sings when bathed in the warm afternoon sun. The snorkeler was not a mere coincidence – I waited for him to come to a perfect location.

Roofs of the old city of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik roofs repaired after the war in 1991

Dubrovnik, Pearl of the Adriatic

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  1. Fresno Parker

    I love this old city. I spent some time there in 2009. Croatia is one of my most favorite places on the planet. Great pictures!

  2. Baroness Danuté

    I love you're work is fantastic.

  3. Tom

    @fresnoparker1, @BaronessDanute thank you! Dubrovnik is a wonderful city and great place to photograph.

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