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Lit with a Beauty Dish

Using a Beauty Dish for an edgy “three dimensional” look. Example photographs shot on a white seamless background, with a description of the lighting setup.

Always Know Your DOF!

A simple way to roughly estimate the depth of field (DOF) when shooting portraits. This trick will help you better estimate the depth of field in portraits.

Overpowering the Sun

Overpower the sun with a flash and a neutral density (ND) filter and achieve a great photographic effect. Overpowering the sun is a cool lighting technique.

Wedding: Jagoda and Mariusz

Finally the big day came. The weather forecast had been uncertain, but eventually it turned out good. Armed in a double-checked gear and faith in my skills I rushed to capture the moments. Here are several of the images. Wedding: Jagoda and Mariusz

Kasia Photo Shoot

I love photographing people but I always get a bit nervous before a photo shoot. The images usually come out nice but I cannot know it for sure beforehand. Perhaps doing proper location scouting would make me feel more confident. Kasia Photo Shoot