Street Photography in London

London is one of the best places for street photography. It is a vibrant and young city, offering fantastic photographic opportunities. All you have to do is tune in to the rhythm of the street and click in the right moment.

People on Peter Street, London

Peter Street

My favorite locations for street photography in London are in the West End, south from Oxford Street. That street is often very busy and it may be hard to find a good composition in the chaotic flow of the crowd. But lose yourself in the network of the side streets and you will see many compelling scenes.

People on Berwick Street, London

Berwick Street

In particular I like Berwick Street which has always attracted interesting people, writers, actors and musicians. It is a real paradise for fashion designers. And of course ? an amazing place for street photography.

Dog walking in London

On the streets of Soho

It is also worth visiting the ever-fashionable Carnaby Street, a symbol of the Swinging London of the 60s. It contrasts with the nearby luxurious New Bond Street. These are really cool places to photograph people and geometric forms.

New Bond Street, London

New Bond Street

Another interesting place is London’s East End, especially the graffiti-decorated Brick Lane. This street is the heart of Banglatown, a home to the Bangladeshi community. Let me know if you can think of other great places for street photography in London. I love exploring the streets of this exciting city.

The Photographers' Gallery in London

Ramillies Street, a few steps away from Oxford Street

I shot these images with the Fujifilm x100s, an ideal camera for street photography. It is small, quiet and inconspicuous. The x100s has a relatively large sensor (APS-C size) and a brilliant 35mm wide-angle lens (full frame equivalent). The 35mm focal length is classic for street photography (as is the “normal” 50mm). With a prime lens you’ve got to zoom with your feet.

Typically I set my x100s to automatic shutter speed and automatic ISO. In the Auto ISO settings I set a maximum ISO to 6400 and a minimum shutter speed of 1/125 s (or 1/60 s if I want that bit of motion blur). I adjust the aperture for the depth of field which I like and to the level of light, and play with the exposure compensation dial to fine tune the exposure. I also use the autofocus and occasionally set the camera to manual focus mode for zone focusing.

There is a learning curve to the Fuji x100s but after getting used to the camera street photography becomes a pure joy. Could there possibly be a better choice? And are there any better places for street photography in London?

Street Photography in London

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