Waterfall (video and photos)

There is something magical about waterfalls. This is just a small waterfall on a stream, not far from home, but I really like this place. See for yourself how beautiful it is.

Yes, this video is simple and short, but hey, these are my first steps in filming with a DSLR camera. I tried to achieve a cinematic look by using a shallow depth of field (which is apparent in the first capture), by setting the shutter speed to 1/50 s for a smooth flow of water, and the frame rate to 25p (I am in a PAL region).


For these shots and the video I used a 70-200mm f/4 lens with a polarizing filter to cut the glare and to saturate the colors. It was an overcast day and my shutter speed was long enough to blur the water without the need for additional filtration (about 7 s for the photos).


I shot the above image with the lens zoomed to 85mm. To get the first plan reasonably sharp I closed down the aperture to f/22 and focused manually.


It was chilly and drizzling but I certainly don’t regret going there with my camera. I am happy with the pictures and glad that I also tried shooting video. I think it worked pretty fine.


Do you shoot video with a DSLR? What are your settings?

Waterfall (video and photos)

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