Julia Photo Shoot

It was a cloudy late afternoon. We set off looking for a location and found this little “secret” garden almost in the center of the city. The owner was nice and let us in.


I lit the images with a single small flash hidden in a 28″ Apollo softbox. I totally love the quality of light I am getting from this modifier.


I used a Canon 100mm f/2.8 macro lens at it’s widest setting. Even wide open this glass is tack sharp and I love sharpness. The depth of field is pretty shallow at this focal length on a full frame sensor (you have to get closer to the subject compared to a crop sensor camera and the DOF gets significantly thinner). It looks great on the skin.


We tried several poses and angles to have a variety of images. Julia is a singer and needed a photo for the web.




The moment I knew I got all the shots I wanted it started raining and we had to pack.

Julia Photo Shoot

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  1. knipsbuex

    Hi Tom,
    I love that pictures, they are beautiful lit. Well done!

  2. Tom

    Thank you! I tried my best to pose the model away from the light (which is most obvious on the fourth picture). It adds dimension, brings out texture, and looks flattering in my opinion.

  3. Kenneth Aston

    Great lighting, so soft.

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